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Gigs in Scotland

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The Luka State

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Who or what is The Luka State? Indeed, is this tightly-sprung coil of a band so close-knit you need a passport to enter its confines – like some kind of independent state (Passport To Pimlico, anyone?) existing outside the confines of the natural order of things? Or does the name originate from the fact that those of a Northern disposition greet one another with the expression “thee look a state”? The truth is naturally more pertinent: The Luka State spent several “incredibly inspiring” days and nights with a uniquely sanguine guy called Luca in Toronto – where they were playing five gigs a week - and wanted to disseminate his laissez-faire message to the rest of the world; Luca was a free spirit who believed in positive energy and living for the moment and, correspondingly, The Luka State is the state we need to be in to excel as a human being