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Gigs in Scotland

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Ever since her breakthrough, Loreen has spellbound audiences with her incredible vocals, moving lyrics and unique artistic expressions. As she now enters a new chapter musically, she’s doing it with a clearer vision than before: to continue building bridges between different cultures, beliefs and traditions


For this new chapter Loreen’s allowed herself to play with her own artistry more than ever. The contrasts that have characterised her as an artist, where male meets female, and where her Moroccan Berber influences meet modern electronic production.

Just over a decade ago, in May 2012, pop iconoclast Loreen changed the game with her electropop stomper, Euphoria. Not only did the aptly-named, emotionally-loaded banger cruise to victory at that month's Eurovision Song Contest, it also crashed into multiple charts worldwide. Loreen then continued to create intricate, emotional pop in her homeland of Sweden, but now she's back, ready to stake her claim as a global pop force with Sweden's 2023 Eurovision entry, Tattoo