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Gigs in Scotland

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Scottish singer/songwriter Dylan Fraser performed covers online before writing original music. Although he had been posting music since 2014, it was not until he covered Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" and "What Do You Mean" that he found an audience. Alongside his covers, Fraser uploaded original demos, which caught the attention of record labels. His debut single, "Body Over Mine," appeared in 2018, and was followed by his debut EP, The Storm, in 2020.

Dylan Fraser

Pulling inspiration from all sorts of genres and artists, like Nine Inch Nails (“I love what Trent Reznor does”), Radiohead and Joni Mitchell, the body of work is one that matches its creator’s mindset. The songs are often dark and brooding, with euphoric rock choruses and Thom Yorke-aping electronic squeaks, but also packed with mellifluous vocals and lyrics that ruminate upon the inner-workings of the Bathgate-born Fraser’s head. He says that the early stages of his career have been lonely; it’s an isolating, often mentally arduous task being an artist who writes from a place of honesty, after all.