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Gigs in Scotland

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Rocket-fuelled lead singer Holly Minto steps out from the pages of the aural comic book CRAWLERS, illustrated with an arsenal of three-minute riots of bewitching vocals, sweeping from caustic to honey sweet, alongside blasts of trumpet. With thick boots and heavily-painted eyelids, Minto is backed up by an undefeatable army of three more powered-up misfits in the shape of Amy Woodall on guitar, Liv Kettle on bass and Harry Breen on drums


The band has also been labeled 'Big in 2021' with This Feeling, whilst recently signing a record deal with Modern Sky UK

Crawlers have plans to release an EP in the first half of 2021, with the first single 'Statues' being released on March 19th. Having gone from a social media following of 3,500 to 55,000 in just a matter of weeks, you can be sure to hear a lot more from this courageous quartet of talented misfits


Indie Punk Rock