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Gigs in Scotland

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Global pop star. Lives in Dublin with her grandparents. Currently recovering from an Ali Express addiction.


I can just talk and talk and talk,” warns CMAT. “And talk and talk and talk.” Handily for a singersongwriter she can also sing and songwrite, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed since Ciara Mary-AliceThompson’s debut single, 'Another Day (KFC), in the spring of 2020. “CMAT excels in puttingtogether a great pop song”, reckon NME. Her songs “shine a light on everyday life in unexpectedways” add Dork, and feel “like a heartfelt present from a friend” (Line Of Best Fit)—just a handful ofexamples of the praise hurled at this “global celebrity teen pop sensation from Ireland” (CMAT’sTwitter bio).

Add in millions of streams, widespread radio support and a rapidly swelling fanbase following 2021’ssupport slot with Declan McKenna, and the Dublin cowgirl is standing on the precipice of somethingrather big as she unveils a debut album-'If My Wife New I'd Be Dead', out February 25 2021-that'sasaccomplished as it is unique. “Lyrically, I kind of wanted it to be like if XTC was writing for TheNolans,” she says, “and then I wanted it to sound like The Nolans were making that record with GlenCampbell, which would go on to be covered by Paris Hilton. The goal was to make songs I wishedalready existed, and then to make those songs all about me and my emotional problems.”