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Gigs in Scotland

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Having toured relentlessly for three years, alongside recording their debut album with numerous producers and in numerous studios, Clean Cut Kid decided to take a 10 month break from touring to record new music.

Clean Cut Kid

The first thing the band did was head back to their native Liverpool, where they rented a pod in an old shipping factory in the Baltic Triangle area of the city, and filled it with vintage recording equipment. A new start in a new studio, Clean Cut Kid selected their equipment carefully, making subtle shifts in the overall sound of the band before working on the songwriting. “I purposefully didn’t write any of the songs until after the studio was built and our sound was gauged. The sound came from the gear. I’m a massive believer in limitations being a defining factor in any kind of art.”

The follow-up to their 2017 debut album ‘Felt’, the record features recent singles ‘Emily’, ‘Deafening’ and 'I Don't Like You but I Love You', and is set for release on the 29th March.

Speaking about the album, Mike Halls (lead singer/guitarist) says: "PAINWAVE is Clean Cut Kid reaching out to the listener and saying, ‘Ok let's talk about these things we're not meant to say out loud’.

“It's the sum of everything we've experienced as people, produced with the sum of everything we've learned as musicians. An unpolished, uninterrupted tape-saturated 1970s journey through human vulnerability."

PAINWAVE is available for pre-order/save now: