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Gigs in Scotland

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Arguably born the wrong side of the North Atlantic and of a bygone era: one where oiled boots and thick trousers stomped the streets of New York City, it'd be rational to assume Edinburgh-based Cheap Teeth were

part of this scene given their aptitude for deep vocal melodies, howling guitars and romantic organ breaks.

Cheap Teeth

Their hastily ratified DIY style deals in post-punk refrains alloyed with West-Coast garage rock influences,spawning raucous live performances which would more than reconcile a 70s CBGBs gig and provide the

proverbial blood, sweat and tears.

Their ligature to one another hugely trajects despite the unit forging through childhood best-friends, a chance encounter and a skin-hitter being procured from Gumtree. The multifaceted four-piece, found base

in Edinburgh and have quickly loosened many a stiff neck in the Scottish capital. With mordancy, their affable and virile tones consisting of soft growls and brash shouted vocals have spun several heads, resulting in the best-mates winning the esteemed T-Break award in 2017.

With songs influenced by a 6 week long jury-service, the band's lyrics span dark themes combined with playfulness which juxtapose one another in an ironic and extremely

satisfying manor, there is a careful balance between pointed verse and schizophrenic song-writing.