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Q&A: Husky Loops

Q&A: Husky Loops

We caught up with electronic rock trio Husky Loops ahead of their gig at The Blue Arrow on 11th October.

1. Tell us how ‘Husky Loops’ became a band...

We gathered in beautiful Seven Sisters some years ago and started playing illegal squat raves. We didn’t really know what we were doing at the time but everyone was so fucked to not care anyway, and that’s how we started building a confidence, cause everyone was moshpitting and dancing all the time, whatever we played.

2. You’re from Bologna, tell us about the music scene there?

It’s sounds bad but we really have no idea, everything has changed so much since we left. But Bologna had an amazing punk scene in the late 70s.

3. Tell us the inspiration behind your debut album “I CAN’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH”…

There is no particular inspiration, we listen to many different genres. Actually when we record we try to not listen to anything. Danio would have records he would use as sonic references like Kanye West or D’Angelo but every song started in different ways. It’s kinda easier for us to talk about more general influences than specific music ones. Living in a London in 2019 has really shaped the record, and every single one of the friends we worked with has inspired us too. We tend to picture every song as a cinematographic piece, so what we experience and the world around us is really key for us.


4. If you could have one song on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

“Don’t Talk” by the Beach Boys. Best song ever written.

5. Name your top 5 festival headliners (dead or alive?)

Lucio Dalla, Lucio Battisti, Luigi Tenco, Bruno Lauzi and Skepta.

6. What other bands/artists do you take inspiration from?

Joy Anonymous, Superorganism, MEI, Fred Again, Niceboy, Jammer, Frank Ocean, SBK, Asap Rocky and Jeff Beck

7. Tell us about your most memorable gig…

It was at Hippopodrumus in Prague, there were 600 people there for us and everyone was going absolutely mad. One guy jumped on Tom’s pedalboard and broke it while mosh pitting on stage. Then Danio took a fire extinguisher and started spraying it on the fans and half of the crowd got naked while Pietro was playing a drums solo.

8. Favourite song to cover?

We don’t cover songs.

9. Favourite Italian Food?

Le crescentine con il lardo.

10. Plans for the rest of 2019?

Le crescentine con il lardo. And a lot of grime

Get your tickets to see Husky Loops play The Blue Arrow in Glasgow on Friday 11th October.