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This is The Scullion Family'S
gigs in scotland

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This is The Scullion Family's story

The Scullion Family

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What is your earliest music memory?

J: Lying on my bed with a speaker from the HiFi at each ear blasting Adam and the Ants.

P: Taping the Top 40 from the radio on Sunday afternoons.

CJ: Listening to The Ting Tings on my way home after swimming.

Tell us about a song that changed your life.

J: The Shamen – Ebenezer Goode. It was the song that switched me on to dance music.

What about your favourite gig you’ve attended?

J: U2 at Slane Castle. U2 were our favourite band and it was the first time we saw them live. Paula and I slept in a tent behind the main stage as her brother was working at the gig and he sneaked us in, he even got us into the golden circle for the VIPs. Add to that, Ireland had just qualified for the World Cup that day and there was 85000 ecstatic Irishmen there. The atmosphere was amazing.

What makes Scotland so special for live music?

J: The Scottish crowd are the reason gigs here are so good. We will sing along to anything... even a good guitar riff!

What are you listening to at the moment?

J, P & CJ: We generally listen to new or recent music, such as Catfish and the Bottlemen,  Gerry Cinnamon and The 1975.

What was the last gig you attended?

J: Our last gig was The Prodigy at the SSE Hydro. The light show was unbelievable. The overall show was brilliant but it’s tinged with sadness now as it was the 5th and probably last time we'll see them live and we never got the chance to take Ceejay to see them.

What is the furthest you’ve travelled for a gig?

J: Dublin's probably the furthest we've travelled. We've been there to see U2 as well as Roger Waters, who we also travelled to Manchester to see.

Can you recommend an artist you have recently discovered?

J: Gerry Cinnamon. He sings like I talk. His songs are funny and very clever and he is really good live.

Who would play your dream line-up?

J: Prince would headline with support from Queen, Oasis and George Bowie. Yes you've seen that right. George Bowie. ‘cause he knows how to get a party started!

Streaming or Physical? Albums or Singles?

J: Streaming singles wins every time. Albums are for listening to in the car as it’s the only CD player I have.

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