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What is your earliest music memory?

Laying beneath my step father's Grundig stereo cabinet, aged seven, listening to Every Good Boy Deserves Favour by The Moody Blues and Simon and Garfunkel's  Bridge Over Troubled Water album and being fascinated as the stereo sound jumped left and right!

Tell us about a song that changed your life.

Going Underground by The Jam. The school Art Teacher played it at assembly in front of the whole school, much to the displeasure of the Head and his Deputy, as a teaching aid on the negative aspects of gang and street violence!

What about your favourite gig you’ve attended?

Texas, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, 16th April 2015. The ultimate intimate gig with a mega band.

What makes Scotland so special for live music?

The people have a unique passion for live, intimate gigs. Genuine, appreciating audiences who are both welcoming and friendly and an abundance of genres to listen to.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I’m reintroducing myself to 60's Northern Soul/Classic soul sound.

What was the last gig you attended?

White at Stereo. They debuted their new EP in front of a small appreciative crowd and soon had the place jumping.

What is the furthest you’ve travelled for a gig?

Rammstein in Newcastle back in 2012. It was the loudest, most over the top performance I've ever experienced.

Can you recommend an artist you have recently discovered?

The Eves. They’re gonna be big!

Who would play your dream line-up?

The Beatles (circa 1970) with support from The Cure (circa 1985), David Bowie (circa 1977) and Chuck Berry (circa 1977).

Streaming or Physical? Albums or Singles?

Physical albums.

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