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This is Dami & Nicholas's story

Dami & Nicholas

Watch Dami & Nicholas's Gigs in Scotland Story

What is your earliest music memory?

N: My mum playing Living For The Weekend by Hard-Fi in the car.
D: My dad playing old CDs on the school run every morning. There was a real tribal techno vibe to his music.

Tell us about a song that changed your life.

N: Minority by Greenday. It was the first song I learned to play on the drums and that’s what really got me interested in music. My taste in music has changed since then but that’s where it all started.
D: Henrik Schwartz – Eye Nyam Nam’A’ Mensuro at The DGTL festival in Amsterdam 

What about your favourite gig you’ve attended?

N: Stormzy at the O2 Academy in Glasgow. By far the best atmosphere I’ve experienced at a gig before. I’ve never felt so battered after a gig but it was worth it.
D: CircoLoCo in Barcelona 2018. It was my first festival of the year. Just being in that summer heat and amazing artists playing all day long was one of the best vibes for me.

What makes Scotland so special for live music?

N: Scotland is on another level when it comes to live music and it’s all down to the crowds. They’re unreal. It doesn’t matter if it’s SWG3, the Barras or the Hydro – the crowds always show up and make the gig ten times better.
D: Just the communal feeling really. I think when it comes to music, Scotland people really enjoy coming together at live events making it all the more special.

What are you listening to at the moment?

N: At the minute, I’d have to say Travis Scott and J.Cole. Not just singles or albums of theirs but a lot of songs they feature on too. It’s always a good tune if one of them are on it.
D: I’ve been listening to Dave’s new album, Psychodrama. There’s some really good content on there.

What was the last gig you attended?

N: The last gig was Post Malone at the Hydro. The atmosphere was unreal, the usual at a gig in Glasgow. The support acts were class as well. It was a brilliant night and his setlist was amazing. Can’t complain!
D: The last gig I went to was Black Coffee at the O2 Academy Brixton. It was one of the best sets I’ve experienced from him. Black Coffee has been one of my favourite DJs for a long time.

What is the furthest you’ve travelled for a gig?

N: Probably Barcelona. A group of about 15 friends and I went over for two festivals – Circoloco and Sonar. It was the best few days of my life, hands down. There were lots of different acts playing such as &ME, Rampa, Martinez Brothers and Black Coffee. It was an unbelievable line-up for both events.
D: The furthers I’ve travelled for a gig would probably be Amsterdam or Barcelona for festivals. Hopefully in the future I’ll have the means to go further.

Can you recommend an artist you have recently discovered?

N: Sam Fender. He’s not the type of music I usually listen to but I watched his Radio 1 Live Lounge session and was impressed. I’ve been listening to a few of his songs and I’m liking them so far.
D: Denis Horvat.

Who would play your dream line-up?

N: Biggie Smalls would headline with support from Kanye West, J.Cole and Barnt.
D: Black Coffee as headliner with support from Drake, Henrick Schwartz and Tupac.

Streaming or Physical? Albums or Singles?

N: Personally, I prefer streaming. It means you always have it wherever you go. If you’re driving, at work, at the gym or even on a plane. It’s just so much easier. Plus, it’s easier to find new artists that way too.
D: Definitely streaming.

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