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Man of Moon Top 10 Albums

Man of Moon Top 10 Albums


Rage Against The Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles 

I first heard this album when I was 12 years old and it instantly became one of my favourite albums. I’d never heard anything so in your face and aggressive before that. The huge drum sound, with the synchronised distorted guitar and bass riffs mixed with Zack de la Rocha’s politically charged lyrics creates one of the most powerful albums of the 90s in my opinion. It’s still in my top 10 of all time. (Chris)

Mr Airplane Man - Mr Airplane Man

This self titled album by the amazing Mr airplane man is so low fi and dirty, thats one of the reasons I love it. The incredible blues inspired songwriting mixed with perfect production, Garrett’s vocal effect and Mcmanus’ drum sound in particular, makes this album stand out for me. If you haven’t heard it make sure you do. (Chris) 

Elliott Smith - Elliott Smith

It was difficult to choose which Smith album would be in my top 10 but I narrowed it down to his self titled 1995 release. Its much more stripped back and raw than his others, mostly just his haunting vocals and phenomenal guitar playing. I used to listen to a lot of Smith when I was in my teens,  for me he is one of the best songwriters of the 90s. (Chris)

Radiohead - In Rainbows

I picked this album because I constantly find myself going back to it. Radiohead have so many great releases to date but I feel ‘In Rainbows’ is their best in terms of the way the album flows from start to end. Some of the guitar playing on this record inspired the way I play in a big way. The production on this album has inspired Man of moon in many ways too. (Chris)

Massive Attack - Mezzanine

Im still blown away every time I listen to ‘Mezzanine’. I went through a huge trip-hop phase in my late teens and this album is such a pioneer in that genre. What I love about this record is the incredible production, the mood it creates and the extremely well chosen collaborations with other artists. (Chris)   

Tool - Lateralus 

I have been heavily inspired by TOOL from a young age, particularity Danny Carey and his insane, off the scale technical drumming which makes you really think about playing drums in a different way. A true hero of mine! Lateralas is full of long, gorgeous soundscapes. Diverse themes. Catchy hooks. A 24 minute song! Soft one minute then ripping your throat out the next. It has everything. On top of that, it has a timeless sound which will never age. It’s truly a remarkable album. - Mikey

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Im In Your Mind Fuzz

Absolutely crazy psychedelic progressive 7 piece band from Australia that we both love. I couldn't stop listening to this record when i first heard it, its like nothing you've ever heard before. The first 4 songs all blend into one huge drum driving phscy jam. They seem to get away with doing anything they want which is awesome. Its nice to see that there is such a strong audience for that sort of music these days. The album was also produced by the lead singer/guitarist Stu Mackenzie. - Mikey

Joy Division - Closer

Well its Joy Division what can I say! Its dark, haunting and beautiful and one of the most unique sounding album of all time. Songs like 'Decades' and 'Twenty Four Hours' move me in such a way that no other band has. Martin Hannett's production plays such a huge part on what the album came to be. A masterpiece. - Mikey

The Beatles - Revolver

My favorite Beatles album for sure due to its groundbreaking experimental sound. Whether they were influenced by psychedelic sounds, the Indian sitar, every track on Revolver is a killer! Its hard to explain the music itself, but just listen to it and you will know. It changed the way I listen to music for sure. - Mikey

Russian Circles - Station

Incredible instrumental band from Chicago that I was first shown by Chris in College. Just think ambient metal that paints pictures without lyrics with pure power. This album points in the direction of the first world war which you can tell by the art work. I love getting lost in it and imagining the stories that the songs are trying to tell you, that's the beauty of it. Plus the drummer Dave Turncrantz is phenomenal and truly pushes the boundary's of a simple 2 tom set up!  - Mikey