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HYYTS: Top 10 Albums

HYYTS: Top 10 Albums

Scottish pop duo HYYTS share their top 10 albums with us ahead of their headline gig at Summer Nights with Coors Light this Thursday. Support from Kendama, Russell Stewart and Scarlett Randle.

First of all there is so much music out there and so much love to go around. We struggled to choose just ten but tried to pick ones that felt to us and hopefully everyone else like a big warm hug cos that’s what everyone needs. Thanks for asking us to do this, love yous all. Here is our ten;

Scissor Sisters- Scissor Sisters 

Scissor sisters’ first album completely changed our world. It came right at the time that we were starting to really get into music and it was everywhere. It’s one of those timeless albums that we keep going back to-perfect for dancing and crying in equal measure. 

Despicable Me 3- Original Soundtrack

We are obsessed with minions and the wee bit where they sing the Gilbert and Sullivan song with their own lyrics in this movie is genuinely breathtaking and we spend all of our time attempting to recreate it when we play live. 

Grimes- Artangels 

An absolute masterpiece. Grimes is the queen of dance pop and this album is our favourite of hers. What at first sounds like harmless techno pop turns out to be a politically charged, sparkly and genuinely beautiful piece of work. So so good. 

Tierra Whack- Whack World

This is probably the most hipster of our choices cos not many people know about it, especially in the UK. Tierra Whack is a miraculous American rapper/singer/artist and genius. Her first album came out last year and was a visual album with 15 minute long songs and if you haven’t seen or heard of it, go on YouTube and check it out it is so ridiculously good 

Coldplay- Mylo Xyloto

Our favourite band in the whole world. It’s impossible to choose one album but this one clinched it just because of the songs ‘hurts like heaven’ and ‘every teardrop is a waterfall.’ Anyone who doesn’t like Coldplay is either a liar or too cool to have fun. Best band in the whole world.

David Gray - White Ladder

This album man. Both of us were raised on this, probably before the time we could really take stock of what we were hearing. A couple of songs stuck with us through the years, especially ‘please forgive me’. Such a wee heart melting bop man yawza. One of the most consistently amazing albums ever.

Blonde - Frank Ocean

Again, it’s so hard to pick from the lot. We’ve always loved everything this dude’s touched, but we were lucky enough to see him right as this was released and it was one of the most emotional, special gigs we’ve ever seen. When this album is good it’s absolutely special. He manages to keep you in the palm of his hand throughout, whilst parping in the face of pop structure. He’s god tier lol.

Brockhampton - Iridescence

Brockhampton are one of the most exciting acts of the past decade for us. Saturation I-III were all mind blowing but we feel as a complete album Iridescence is the tightest packáge. Every track takes you to a totally different place in a weirdly succinct way. ‘WEIGHT’ comes off the back of a mad bass heavy dirty trap track and goes straight in with emotional strings n mad confessional lyrics, then flies into drum and bass party land. :0 .... :0 ....... :0

good kid, m.A.A.d city - Kendrick Lamar

This is by all means an absolute masterpiece in the form of story telling in an album. Hope this doesn’t come across tubish but when you listen to this album it’s as if you can see it. Right from the start, he grabs you and pops you right on his wee lap. Absolutely remarkable stuff.

In Rainbows - Radiohead

- just the best tho isn’t it. In Rainbows is one of those albums, much like a lot of Radiohead’s stuff, that won’t ever sound outdated. We like new and this will always sound new new. If you were to sit up and try to work this album out, you’re in for an inferiority overload - so we just sit back n let it slap our bottoms softly :)