Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 12:10

Adrian Sherwood speaks to Gigs in Scotland

Hi Adrian, thanks for taking the time to talk to Gigs in Scotland.

You have amassed a huge body of work throughout your career – what are you most proud of?

Surviving! *Laughs* The fact I’m still here and still making records! There are lots of records I’ve been involved in, from Mark Stewart to Lee Perry. I’ve been a very lucky person and worked with great people. And obviously there’s my new album with Pinch, Man Vs. Sofa. It’s a really good album and I’m really proud of that, and I’m doing new stuff as well. But I think the thing I’m most proud of is the fact that I’m still here.


In 2006, you produced the score for the independent film Johnny Was. In what way was your approach to writing this different to how you would write an album?

I didn’t actually do the score although I would like to have done. I was music supervisor on it. Brendan (Foley), the producer, came to me and asked me to get involved and said he wanted music on every scene. I said “what’s the budget?” and as usual he said “oh, we’ve run out of budget!” as it was a small budget film. So I literally pulled every favour possible to get some brilliant music. I put in quite a few of my own tracks in as well, like the opening track and lots of other things. I ended up getting things like The Abyssinians in there. It’s funny because not many people know that film but it keeps popping up. It’s really popular in the Caribbean – lots of people like it there! So that just happened, Brendan contacted me and asked me to do it. Any time you get the opportunity to do something outside your ‘normal thing’, I like that.


What are you listening to just now?

Last thing I listened to was the Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force, I’ve been listening to that this week.


Who would you like to collaborate with who you haven’t worked with before?

I love hearing things and feeling “wow, I’m a bit jealous of that, I wish I’d done it” but I don’t actually think I’d really like to work with anyone in particular. I love it when someone invites me to collaborate because I’m not really a musician so I don’t see myself as some who say “let’s do this, let’s do this”. I’m more of a producer. I’ve just done an album with Coldcut, which comes out in May. That was a marriage made in heaven for me, I really enjoyed doing that. And obviously working with Pinch on the Man Vs. Sofa album you know, collaborations like that are wonderful. I’m happy with the people I’ve recently worked with and I’m always open to doing something new but there’s only 24 hours in the day!


What are the top three things that keep you going on tour?

When I come to Glasgow, I invariably am going to meet with dear old friends who I haven’t seen for ages. And I’m going to meet a couple of those other people that you know would be your friend if you had more time to spend with them. I keep meeting people and having a really good connection with them. That kind of experience that comes through great music is really nice you know? It really does mentally bring people together, those have similar ideas and similar tastes. So what I always enjoy is touching base with old friends and meeting new people that are really cool.

And also when I’m out (on tour) I hear things I’ve not heard. I always listen to the DJs before and DJs after.

Lastly, I haven’t been to Glasgow in a few years so seeing the changes there will be interesting. I went to Moscow last week and it was ten years since I’d last been there. Things like that are just brilliant, seeing the change in each city since the last time you’ve been there.

Adrian Sherwood plays King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut on Friday 17th March. Tickets are available from

Sherwood & Pinch’s new album Man Vs. Sofa is out now.