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Gigs in Scotland at home

At a time when we are social distancing, discover what's happening in music from across the world as we keep you connected with our artists.

A Cuppa With...

A Cuppa With...

Join us every Wednesday, as we sit down with a new artists for 'A Cuppa', a chat and an acoustic performance.

Wed, 6th May 2020:

This week we caught up with Kiaran from The Sherlocks (from a distance) for a nice cuppa Yorkshire Tea Gold (the best tea EVER)!

Kiaran tells us about the first gig he attended, the most memorable show the band have played, were the speaker caught on fire and they had to stop the set, and if he was biscuit he'd be a Hobnob! He also performed a few acoustic tracks, including Escapade and Chasing Shadows. There is also a guest appearance from his dog, Albert. Enjoy! 


Wed, 13th May 2020:

This week we’re joined by singer-songwriter, Zuzu, for a cuppa tea!

Zuzu tells us all about her quarantine routine, the first album she bought, and how much she misses McDonald’s (we feel ya) and that it’s the first place she’s going once this is all over.

She also plays a few songs from her new EP, How It Feels including Cool With Me, Skin And Bone, and What You Want. Look out for special guest appearances from JP and Edgar, Zuzu’s cats. Enjoy!


Wed, 20th May 2020:

This week on A Cuppa With we have singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd joining us!

Lauran tells us about the first album she bought, the most memorable show she played and that the first place she’ll be going after this is over is to visit her Nan for a cuppa, cake and a big chat.

She also plays us a few acoustic songs including Bang Bang Bang, Sweat Patch and Shark Week.

So, grab a cuppa, get comfortable and press play! Enjoy!


Wed, 27th May 2020:

Glasgow pop duo HYYTS sit down for a cuppa complete with their Rick & Morty and Despicable Me mugs.

Adam and Sam tell us all about life in lockdown including working out, Adam resembling a young Wolverine and what the one meal they would eat for the rest of their life would be.

The boys also perform ‘Sleepwalking’ and latest single ‘The Low Sound.’ Check it out!


Wed, 10th June 2020:

Glasgow alt-pop duo One Nine sit down for a cuppa with Gigs in Scotland.

Neil and Kirsten chat all things ham and pineapple "gransano" pizza, Neil's secret craft obsession that has formed in lockdown, their mutual love of LCD Soundsystem and much more. 

The duo perform their hits 'Difficult Days and 'Blood Rush'. Check it out!

Wed, 17th June 2020:

19-year old, Thomas Headon, sits down for a cuppa with Gigs in Scotland.  

Thomas tell us all about the first concert he attended, his favourite biscuit is a Hobnob and that he'll be heading to the pub once lockdown is over.  

He also performs 'Clean Me Up', 'Her' and covers Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night'.

Check it out!

Wed, 15th July 2020:

Canadian born singer songwriter Steven Page joins us for a cuppa this week. 

Steven chats about the first gig he went to on his own and that the most memorable gigs he's played have been in King Tut's because of the Scottish crowd.

He also performs 'Isolation' a song he's written during lockdown, as well as 'A New Shore' and 'Brian Wilson'.

Check it out now!

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