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Gigs in Scotland

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My name is Berwyn, I was born and raised in a paradise called Trinidad And Tobago but moved to London when I was nine and been here ever since. If I’m not making music in some sort of way then I’m probably sleeping. I’m only vegetarian when weed is concerned and I unfortunately have way more sad stories than happy ones. My dad used to be a DJ so I grew up on that good shit also I’m Trini so I’m made of 50% water 50% music. I can play the piano, the guitar, the drums and the violin but I’m not even sure if I play them properly because I taught myself. All I know is the music sounds decent. Because of some complications with the home office, I came out of school with amazing grades but no rights to use them. Also, my mum was away and my dad in another country. This meant finding another way to make money and to eat at night. I’ve never been proud of anything I’ve had to do, but I’m only proud that I managed to do it. I am grateful that I had the chance to be at the VERY bottom of the pile and I thank god for every challenge he’s ever sent my way


Hip Hop Rap