Owl John

Owl John
Date 22nd July
Venue Caves
Doors 19:00
Age Restrictions Over 14s (under 16s with an adult)
Price £14.00
Additional Info + Phillip Taylor (PAWS)
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All Tickets = £14.00

It's been about ten yearssince I had the notion to add the word 'Owl' as a middle name. Scott Owl JohnHutchison. I thought it had a really splendid flow to it. I suppose I enjoyowls as much as most people, admiring their weird neck thing and having read'Plop' countless times as a wee one. I don't buy the wisdom bit, but they areincredibly good at being owls and it would be nice to be as effective at beinga human. Sadly, I'm not and it is from this croaking foible that songs come. Thedesperate crunch of failure sat right next to the fizzing, spumante spark ofjoy. They cackle and point at each other because they don't understand theiropponent. You will find me sitting between them, eating a bag of nuts (notBrazils, they make my mouth itch) and documenting the whole sorry episode.


John is a homeless.

John is a priest.

John is a witness.

John is a beast.


It was also approximately10 years ago that I started a band called Frightened Rabbit. In that time I'vededicated so much of my life to that good wee band with a stupid name, I feltit was time to indulge John. Sing it with me...


John is a weirdo.

John is a thief.

John is a wino.

Listen,bleed, weep.