Wayne Hussey

Wayne Hussey
Date 11th October
Venue The Electric Circus
Doors 19:00
Age Restrictions Over 18s
Price £15.00
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All Tickets = £15.00

So, I'm having the run of the house for a month or so whilst the WorldCup is on and a few friends are flying over from the UK to stay to be nearerthe action. Even managed to finagle myself a ticket for the England Vs Uruguaygame in Sao Paulo. In return I have promised Cin, the wife, an extension to bebuilt on the back of the house once the World Cup final is done and dusted. Thebuilding's gonna take at least a couple of months so I thought it best to getout of there and let them get on with it. What could I do to occupy my time? Iknow. Go on tour. 

Hence, in a fallow year for The Mission (and our alter-ego The BloodBrothers) these solo shows. It's been a while since I've played solo in the UKand mainland Europe and as September/October isn't yet too cold in northernEurope it seems an ideal time. Anyway, I need to earn some money to pay for thehouse extension. Two birds an' all that. 

I am working towards and hope to have a new solo album ready for releaseto coincide but I can't confirm that 100% as I keep getting distracted byLiverpool's now probable amazing run to the title and of course I will also bedistracted by the World Cup throughout June and July. You try and make a recordin a World Cup summer! it's nigh on impossible. 

Anyway, I daresay I will have some new songs to play along with soloversions of some well known and lesser known Mission songs and the occasionalcover version. Sing-a-longs guarranteed as well as a promise not to tell thesame stories and jokes every night or to play the same set twice. See youthere!