The Undertones - 40th Anniversary Tour

The Undertones - 40th Anniversary Tour
Date 27th September
Venue The Garage
Doors 19:00
Age Restrictions Over 14s (under 16s with an adult)
Price £18.00
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The Undertones emerged from Derry in 1977, the result offive friends learning

how to play guitar and drums in time with someone singing.

Even by the standard of that decade Derry was not the rockand roll capital of

anywhere. With no live bands worth watching, they learned bylistening to mail

order records, reading one of the few copies of NME thatmade it to Derry but

most of all from listening to John Peel’s wonderful show onBBC Radio One.

Practicing in their bedrooms eventually led to the bandrecording ‘Teenage

Kicks’ in 1978 on the Good Vibrations indie label inBelfast. The legendary DJ

John Peel received a copy and liked it so much he played ittwice in a row on his

radio show.

The Undertones signed with Sire Records and ‘Teenage Kicks’was re-released.

For the following five years, John O Neill, his youngerbrother Damian, Feargal

Sharkey, Billy Doherty and Michael Bradley crafted furthernumerous punkpop

gems such as `Here Comes The Summer`, Jimmy Jimmy`, `MyPerfect Cousin`,

`You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It)’ and four LPs.They almost

enjoyed the life of professional musicians.

In 1983 Feargal Sharkey left the band to pursue a solocareer and the remaining

members decided to call it a day. That was the end of TheUndertones, part 1


In 1999 The Undertones reconvened, without Feargal Sharkey,to once again

perform their two-minute, three and a half chord songs to anew generation of

fans in Derry. Fellow Derryman Paul McLoone replaced Sharkeyon vocals and

his vocal prowess and electric onstage presence soonconvinced any doubters

that he was more than capable of doing the job. Afterrealizing that playing live

was good fun the band repeated the experience in selectedlocations around the


After much consideration the band released a new CD of newsongs called `Get

What You Need`, which was critically acclaimed by Qmagazine, Uncut, Rolling

Stone and Hot Press. From that CD the songs ‘Thrill Me’, ‘INeed Your Love The

Way It Used To Be’ and ‘Everything But You’ have becomefavorites of the bands

live set.

In 2003 ‘Thrill Me’ was released as a limited edition 7”vinyl single and found its

way to John Peels turntable. He introduced it on his showcommenting, “And

these are words I thought I would never be saying on radioagain, a new single

from The Undertones”. He liked it so much he played ittwice, just as he did with

‘Teenage Kicks’ in 1978.

In 2007 the band recorded and released a collection ofshort, sharp songs under

the title “Dig Yourself Deep” on the Cooking Vinyl label.The LP was critically well

received at home and abroad.

Both ‘Get What You Need’ and ‘Dig Yourself Deep’ had theirdigital release in

December 2011.

In April of 2008, the band were asked to play a fund raisingshow for Terri

Hooley, the Belfast record shop owner who ran the GoodVibrations label, which

released the ‘Teenage Kicks’ EP in 1978. “Good Vibrations” Afilm about his life

was released this year and features various tracks from TheUndertones.The film

has been a great success and has created even more interestin the music of The


In 2008 The Undertones signed a license deal with UnionSquare Music, the band

released the four original LPs, ‘The Undertones’,‘Hypnotised’, ‘The Positive

Touch’ and ‘The Sin Of Pride’ all with addition tracks andvideos.

The band spent 2010 working on new songs and performingaround the world to

old and new fans, including a first visit to Japan

In 2011 the band embarked on 35th Anniversary tours in theUK, America and

Europe that included, for the first time, the completeperformance of their

eponymous first LP.

2013 was the 35th anniversary of the release of “TeenageKicks”. The band

released an enhanced compilation “An Introduction to TheUndertones

CD DVD (SalvoSVX016) and another highlight last year was a7” vinyl only

release on record store day(20th April),’Much Too Late” soldout within hours of

its release.

In 2014 the band will continue to maintain their scorchinglive reputation with

some festivals and club shows already confirmed and more tocome.

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