Mike Peters - Strength Tour 2015

Mike Peters - Strength Tour 2015
Date 22nd February
Venue Liquid Room
Doors 19:00
Age Restrictions Over 14s (under 16s with an adult)
Price £15
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"Give Me Love,Give Me Hope, Give Me Strength” – The opening words from The Alarm’s 1985 UK /US Top 40 hit song ‘Strength’ which gave its name to the band’s career bestselling album that will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary in 2015. 


Following on from thehugely popular ‘Declaration Tour 2014’, Mike Peters one man band 'Alarm' conceptwill present ‘Strength’ in a similar contemporary style featuring performance,stories and images to honour the legacy the album left on the decade it helpeddefine and the continuing significance it holds for listeners who can stillrelate to it’s timeless themes of love, hope and strength.


The Alarm's debut album‘Declaration’ was powered by unique electro-acoustic guitars that by the timeof the follow up ‘Strength’, had evolved into a much fuller arena rock soundthat paralleled U2 and Springsteen’s E Street Band in its scope and ambition. Asound that would see The Alarm break America on a grand scale and peak with alive appearance before an estimated audience of 26,000 fans at a concert in LosAngeles watched by millions around the world via MTV’s first ever livesatellite television broadcast.


Packed with powerfulyet personal songs like the autobiographical ‘Spirit Of ‘76’ and ‘Walk ForeverBy My Side’, ‘Strength’ went on to become The Alarm’s best selling album of the1980’s charting in the Top 40 on both sides of the Atlantic. This is The Alarmrecord that brings together for the first time, the aforementioned themes oflove, hope and strength now so synonymous with Mike Peters and his long runningbattle against cancer.


Two times cancersurvivor Mike Peters is fast emerging as one of the most visible advocates and activistsfor those living with and beating cancer around the world. Over the last fouryears, his Love Hope Strength Foundation has found close to 1000 potentiallylife saving bone marrow donor matches; built the first ever children’scancer center in Tanzania; supported the Bhaktapur Cancer Center in Nepalwith life saving equipment and registered over 60,000 donors throughit’s ‘Get On the List’ program. More than 10,000international recording artists including Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin,Frank Turner and The Levellers now support the charity by allowing bone marrowregistries at their concerts.


AlthoughPeters, is constantly fighting the illness himself (he may ultimately needa bone marrow transplant), he refuses to stop performing. Continually mixinghis role as cancer advocate and musician by leading fundraising treks to theHoly Land this October and addressing delegates at the World Cancer Congress (aboutthe need for people to become marrow donors), in Melbourne, Australia inDecember. "Thousands of people from around the world die everyyear simply because they can't find a match. The match is out there foreveryone; they just have not been found.  That is our lifemission - seeing that everyone that needs a donor has one. It's thatsimple! Equally simple is the process - a simple cotton swab of the cheek- to get on the registry and then, if you are lucky enough to become a donorfor someone suffering from blood cancer, the next step is a simple out patientprocedure. Most people don't know this and it is our job to get themessage out to as many as possible," says Peters.


Peters inspirationalstory and musical exploits to perform awareness raising concerts at altitude onmountains such as Everest and Kilimanjaro (all while undergoing bi-monthlychemotherapy sessions), will be the focus of a new documentary film beingproduced in the USA by Kaleidoscope Pictures that will also be released in 2015.


The idea to climbmountains and perform concerts came when Mike was in hospital in Walesgoing through his second battle with cancer. Peters said, "I couldsee Mt. Snowdon from my hospital window and thought to myself, 'WhenI recover, I'm going to hike up that mountain as my symbolicclimb back from cancer and raise money with my fans to support thecancer center that helped save my life.'"


30 years on from originalrelease of ‘Strength’, Mike Peters still has so much to live for, After twentyyears living with cancer his songs of love hope and strength have taken on greatermeaning and the defiance of his words from the ‘Spirit Of ‘76’ ring truer thanever.I will never give in until the daythat I die.
I’ll get myself some independence, carve out a future with my twobare hands”.

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