Le Galaxie

Le Galaxie
Date 20th October
Venue King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
Doors 20:30
Age Restrictions Over 18s
Price £6.00
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There are bands to suit particular moods, and then there's Le Galaxie, the acclaimed Irish electronica band who make you feel good, no matter what mood you're in. From elation and euphoria at hyper heart speed to the warm sensation of being at one with your people on the dancefloor, this four-piece Dublin band have earned a five-star reputation for getting it right, time and again.

Le Galaxie are an incendiary live force, closing Ireland's Electric Picnic to huge acclaim at the Little Big Tent in 2012, and stealing the show at the Castlepalooza Festival, where -- such was the short-circuiting fervour of their electro pop -- the entire system crashed to the ground. "Not even a mid-set power cut can derail this tour de force,"wrote Laurence Mackin in the Irish Times. "The band must spend half their touring budget on glow sticks that they fling into the crowd, and few acts are better at whipping up an electro music storm. Here, they threaten to rip the roof off the tent.''

The Irish Times voted Le Galaxie's First Fortnight Festival appearance their gig of 2012, and short listed them for their Best Irish Band of 2012 accolade. Hot Press magazine, meanwhile, has named them one of the top five live acts in Ireland in 2013.

The crowd reactions have matched the media love -- Le Galaxie gigs sell out at lightning speed, which is no surprise, because the band pull out all the stops.The band might be electronic, but they play their instruments live -- this ain't no two djs and a laptop affair; frontman and synthist Michael Pope, drummer Alastair Higgins, bass player David McGloughlin and synthguitarist Anthony Hyland treat every gig like it's the performance of their lives.

Over the past year, Le Galaxie delivered stunning sets at the Berlin Music FestivalElectric Picnic, Forbidden Fruit, Longitude and Heineken's Live Project along with a headline show at the renowned Irish industry showcase Hard Working Class Heroes.

The band's 2011 debut album, Laser disc Nights 2,an iridescent salute of synths and guitar, boosted by pulsing rhythms and rousing vocals, was voted#1 Irish Album of the year by Entertainment.ie, Ireland's most successful entertainment website. 

More recently,their Fade 2 Forever EP was released to acclaim in summer 2012, with lead single 'Love System'-- bathed in dreamy 80s synths and featuring Galway soloartist Elaine Mai's mellifluous vocals -- winning a nomination for the Meteor Choice Music Prize Irish Song of the Year. New single'The Night caller', released in March 2013, has been described by Hot Press magazine as "an instant classic; moody, anthemic and like all of Le Galaxie's retro futuristic creations, dynamic as hell."

Le Galaxie will be touring Ireland, UK and Europe in 2013 while recording the follow up to Laserdisc Nights II.


'By now it was time to go and witness the people’s headliners of Forbidden Fruit 2013– Le Galaxie. And boy, were they up for it. Having long been one of the best live acts in the country, you get the impression lately that everyone else is starting to get on board the Le Galaxie express. Better late than never. Le Galaxie were up for it last night.And anyone who’s seen them before will know exactly how much weight that description holds because, when they’re enjoying themselves, there isn’t a finer band in Ireland. Incredible stuff.(9.5/10)'

ENTERTAINMENT.IE  http://entertainment.ie/music/news/Forbidden-Fruit-Day-One-Review/190165.htm

'Over the past two years, Le Galaxie have transformed themselves into a juggernaut of a party band, jack knifing into crowds who are only too happy to take the hit. Without question, one of the best sets of the weekend...IRISH TIMES, ELECTRIC PICNIC 2012

"Better for your bodythan a spinclass. Think a futuristic fun-loving Hot Chip flaunting theirelectronicahighs whilst playing with the effects pedal. Then throw in a fewsamples andramp it up to 'humid'. JamesHendicott,THE SUNDAY BUSINESS POST

'[Le Galaxie] showed once again why they are the best live dance act in Ireland right now... the 2 am slot feel like a late-night celebration of a band who are only getting better...NIALLER9

'Even better are Le Galaxie, who have graduated from a 2011 lunchtime slot to the show that everybody wants to see late tonight.They are simply fantastic, faultless from start to a finish...HEINEKEN MUSIC

'For sheer exuberance on stage no one came close to Le Galaxie overthe whole weekend. Their set began at 2am and one hour later everyone inside the Little Big Tent was a mess of glee and exhaustion. Lethal...ENTERTAINMENT.IE

'Le Galaxie have upped their game to match their profile...But it is the music, above all else, that make this performance one of the biggest hitsof the weekend...[They] depart stage-left safe in the knowledge that they’ve just conquered Stradbally. Stay tuned as they continue get bigger and better...'STATE.IE

'The most danceable thing we’ve come across from an Irish band since Jape hit his heights...' AU MAGAZINE

'Merging all the delirious wonderment of Daft Punk with Kraftwerk, Le Galaxie are that and so much more...HARMLESSNOISE

'With theatrical vocal quips and their brand-new debut album Laserdisc Nights 2 clutched in glittering gloves of synthesizers andguitars, pegged on rhythms that stomp like stilettos on glass...LECOOL

'The high-tide mark in Irish electronica thus far, in 2011...ALTERNATIVEIRISH REVIEW

'...an album that glitters with eleven slabs of solid gold dance floorfillers...THE SUN

'[Laserdisc Nights 2 is] an 11-song journey through neon dreams, big beats and 1980s Miami beach parties…HOTPRESSMAGAZINE

'[We Bleed The Blood Of Androids] from loudly heralded Dublinspace rockers Le Galaxie sounds like Mercury Rev fronted by Hal, the bonkers super-computer from 2001: A space odyssey. As eerie synths creak and guitars swoon and sigh, a (possible insane) robot chirrups menacingly in the foreground- all to goosebump-inducing effect. Please buy this and make them famous...SINGLE OF THE WEEK, METRO

'Midnight Midnight is by some distance thebest electronica I’ve heard from this country in years…' MP3HUGGER.COM

'...on the night [IMTV Awards] I saw one of thebest live sets in recent years by Le Galaxie...ALISON CURTIS, TODAY FM