Mikill Pane

Mikill Pane
Date 3rd February
Venue The Electric Circus
Doors 19:00
Age Restrictions Over 18s
Price £9
Additional Info *Cancelled - refund available from point of purchase*
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"A non-existent recording artist that believes he peers at the world through window panes while he gets ‘ill on the microphone’ or ‘mike-ill’. Often mispronounced as ‘Mickle Pane’, ‘Mickill Pane’ or ‘Mickell Pane’."

Now that you’ve learnt how to pronounce…MIKE-ill’s (just making sure…) name, you’re ready to learn about the myth itself. You see, there is no proof of Mikill’s existence, save for a number of recordings that he allegedly made via the voice of his engineer Justin Smith Uzomba. These recordings started to surface in 2007. Since then, a chosen few can claim to have heard these mysterious yet poetic ramblings. Mikill, or Mister Pane as he’s commonly referred to, is still best known for his verses on ‘Little Lady’, a track which featured on Ed Sheeran’s No.5 Collaborations EP. The unprecedented success of this track led to a very lengthy stay in the iTunes UK singer songwriter chart,with a peak position of number 1.

2011 has seen Mikill tour extensively with collaborator and friend Ed Sheeran. It doesn’t end with Ed though, as Pane’s services have also been sought, in the form of tour support, by none other than rising star MacMiller, a U.S. rapper from the same stable as Wiz Khalifa. Add four EPs, one with twice Mercury-nominated drummer/producer Seb Rochford, to the burgeoning list of Mikill’s accomplishments and you have to hand it to him – or you would if he existed – he’s doing alright for a rapper that hates rap.

Mikill Pane’s debut album Blame Miss Barclay is set for a 2012 release.