Goldheart Assembly

Goldheart Assembly
Date 3rd July
Venue King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
Doors 20:30
Age Restrictions Over 18s
Price £7.00
Additional Info + Linden + Dead Man Fall + The Twisted Melons
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"This London six-piece'slife-affirming melodies will remind you why you fell in love with pop."

The Guardian


"Theway that Goldheart Assembly write a chorus that wouldn't sound out of place atmidnight on the Pyramid Stage suggests this is a band with the whole worldahead of them."



"Such is the inherent sweetness of GoldheartAssembly’s debut that the listener can’t fail to be touched by itscharms."



Bearing in mind therelentless passing of time, and yes, darn the wheel of the world, and sure,while it lays waste to our bones, it does, time that is, sometimes, in it’spersistence, through it’s savage slow march ever onwards, provide a gentlecoaxing and perspective that entices us to live and to produce. Well, we mightas well do something or we’ll be bored. Somewhere within crises of confidence,German novels, pirouetting euphoria, vodka murkiness, cigarette stained fingersand general anxiety something needed to be produced. A long time after theirfirst record, Wolves and Thieves, Goldheart Assembly unveil ‘another one’, LongDistance Song Effects.


Priorto the release of said record Goldheart Assembly completed a European tour withfriends and admirers Band of Horses, a merry jaunt that provided the stage forthe band to road test songs from their upcoming release.


It’s the work of a bandformed in 2008 through a love of harmonic, British pop music and not, as abizarre internet rumour has it, whilst working as zookeepers at Whipsnade WildAnimal Park. Named after a Guided by Voices song, Goldheart Assembly’s music isknown for it’s pastoral soundscapes and rich harmony led songs, but, that thatis too simple to be true. 


Recorded in Luzern,Switzerland, Long Distance Song Effects was shaped over a period of two years.Back and forth the band went from London to Luzern, desperate, aiming to suckat least some of the marrow from an otherwise seemingly senseless existence.With the curiosity of what could be harvested in this global tax havenneverland, Goldheart Assembly discovered their raison d'etre and plowed intothe studio with a Swiss musician/producer Tobi Gmur, a man with a studio andlittle else. Having met Gmur on a European tour Goldheart Assembly made fulluse of his offer to make the studio available to them, modestly furnishedthough it was, it nonetheless became a sanctuary of supportive late nightsessions and mutually expressed ideas.  Backin London after having recorded 25 tracks, and argued incessantlyover running orders and the prudence of releasing a double album, recording wasconcluded with the addition of strings, horns and other high-brow musicalfluff.


Whilst not wishing toappear ungrateful, this one does not sound like the British Fleet Foxes (lazyLuke says to someone equally savvy and enlightened). Long Distance Sing Effectsdoes perhaps sound like The Beatles, Wilco maybe, with a helping of ScottWalker, and hold your nose, a shading of Cluster and NEU! Or that’s the way wesee it.


Among the songsincluded are combative complaints of ‘nu-folk’ comparisons (Billy in theLowground), Spector-esque epics (Sad Sad Stage, Behind this Lonely Sun),vaudeville whimsy (Stephanie and the Ferris Wheel), existential mumberlings(Linnaeus), psychedelic pop (Into Desperate Arms, Transit) and plaintiveballads of regret (Harvest in the Snow) and obsession (Bird on a Chain).


You could say theresultant album Long Distance Song Effects fuses a disparate array ofinfluences, both ambitiously lush and elegantly understated, a sprawling yetcohesive whole. If you like that sort of thing.


‘You’re getting better’other people are heard to say.  


GoldheartAssembly are: Jake Bowser (keyboards, vocals), James Dale (lead vocals, bass),Nicky Francis (drums, vocals), Kyle Hall (guitar) and John Herbert (leadvocals, guitar)

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