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  • 29th
  • November
Venue | O2 ABC
Doors | 19:00
Over 14s | Yes
Price | £ 14.00
+ Sivu + Blood Relatives
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Stornoway :

A note on You Don’t Know Anything:
“This record is a collection of songs from the farther extremes of our song writing and arranging spectrum. You might spot the influence of artists as wide-ranging as the Flaming Lips, Ray Charles, The Specials, Tom Waits, Gorillaz, Juluka, Beck, Teenage Fanclub…

"They are songs which we are very proud of, and which we dearly wanted to include on our latest album Tales From Terra Firma, but which didn’t quite fit in with the mood or ‘journey’ of that collection.  They are more collaborative than our previous releases - with most of the songs being co-writes, and for the first time they feature some Steadman song-writing.” Brian Briggs of Stornoway

The songs on this release You Don’t Know Anything come from the outer reaches of a band exploring their powers.  Looking back over the career of fellow Oxford men, Radiohead, you could hear their musical muscles grow between each release and in the case of Stornoway and You Don’t Know Anything, this record is like an OS map to their creative process. The band are beginning to forge a reputation for being painstaking when recording, demo-ing, exploring and the songs on YDKA are the yield of many hours spent experimenting in the lab that is Stornostudios.

The concentration put into each release means that fans of Stornoway have come to realise that there may be a lot of time between releases. Happily You Don’t Know Anything provides a pit stop between albums. The songs on it also demonstrate that they share DNA with tracks from the previous Stornoway albums.

The excited trepidation of imminent birth in When You Come Down from Outer Space; Waiting On The Clock is the start of university and first love; The environment and nature are the concerns in The Sixth Wave; The Tumbling Bay, though musically miles away, holds hands with the sentiments of The Great Procrastinator from Tales from Terra Firma and Clockwatching plays with time and its passing.

Stornoway lit up 2010 with their thrilling debut Beachcomberʼs Windowsill, the culmination of a five- year journey which had its starting point in a Freshers week meeting at Oxford University between Brian Briggs and the bandʼs arranger and multi-instrumentalist Jon Ouin. Hailed from the rooftops for its melodic magnificence and imaginative arrangements, the album reached the Top 15 and the band rode the wave around the world.

The 2013 follow-up to Beachcomber’s is the glorious Tales From Terra Firma. An album of stories – birth, death, marriage, coming of age: The Big Stuff.  The songs were mostly written in a camper van in land-locked Oxford but on listening, the yearning for adventure and the freedom of the coast and wild places is palpable. Suitably enough the album was premiered, by podcast, from a boat marooned on the roof of the Royal Festival Hall in London.  A totally sold-out 25 show UK tour ensued, closing under a swollen moon, suspended over the vast stage, at The Forum, in London.

Taken from the album Tales From Terra Firma and regarded by most as the stand-out track, is the forthcoming single Farewell Appalachia. Acting as a bridge between Terra Firma and You Don’t Know Anything, Farewell Appalachia will be released on Monday 25th November.

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