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From years dedicated to busking the streets of wide-flung towns and cities across the globe, to sudden worldwide recognition and a certified international hit, it’s certainly been a wild and wonderful trip of late for Passenger, AKA Mike Rosenberg.

The current album All The Little Lights has now achieved Top 10 chart status in over a dozen countries, while “Let Her Go” has topped the million mark in global sales, as well as over 30 million YouTube hits so far.

Long before Passenger’s unmistakable voice unexpectedly found a welcoming home on mainstream radio waves around the world, thanks in large part to his fragile breakthrough track “Let Her Go” (a #1 chart-topper in 13 countries), Rosenberg was committed to taking his music to the people literally one street at a time.

“I’ve funded my last four records basically from busking,” says Mike, “so it’s a godsend. The busking pays for everything really. It’s crazy.It’s an amazing thing to have stumbled upon because it is the dilemma for every musician – how do I put a hundred per cent of myself into my music, whilst keeping myself together? It’s not a new problem – it’s always been the case – but you find something like busking, which you can still do; while you’re making money you can play your songs and hopefully further your fan base – it’s ideal really. 

It’s certainly been a remarkable trip for Rosenberg of late, yet you feel this is only the start of the journey. The UK & European tour this Autumn is Mike's largest to date and a part of the journey that is not to be missed. 

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