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Medals is a new project from JP Reid - songwriter and frontman of Sucioperro, and one half of Marmaduke Duke.

Initially conceived during a short break after the last Sucioperro tour, 'Disguises' is a collaborative project inspired as much by a love of classic pop as it is JP's interest in the art of production and mixing.

“The initial sparks of inspiration came very naturally but I made a more f
ocused effort on both the production and songwriting,” he says. "Having recently come to the end of a relationship I didn't want to focus on the negatives of that in the lyrics - I’ve always believed the greatest songs should transcend. It was important that I didn’t look to the negatives of my situation, instead ‘reaching to the light’, so to speak. I wanted the album to be an uplifting experience - music abundant in heart, soul and joy."

Produced and mixed by JP in 'The Lair' between December and July, the album was mastered by the legendary Howie Weinberg, who's back catalogue includes the likes of Nirvana, Jeff Buckley and Beastie Boys.

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