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The Phantom Band

Sinkdog went a walkin in his breaches clutching his wand that never could be a tree. Atop a natural amphitheatre he met a tall one; the frontest of front men who could straddle a stage like the Colossus of Rhodes. He decided he wanted to be like that, but with his slender frame he'd need 5 others to bulk out his mass. He chose Desi, a lycanthropic misanthrope, merchant of menace from northlands. Desi chose Fritz because he had a van, the use for which nobody knew, hairs on his face and a basement of mysterious proportions. The Omen was brought in to provide muscle at the back. 

Senator Gezebel was an obvious candidate for low end diplomacy but he needed a voice to channel it through, so they asked a guy with a bigger and redder beard than Fritz if he could do the talking. He knew a guy with a car but no licence, and one of those machines that copies one tape cassette into, like, ten - the situation was McCannaged carefully and, after a bit of trial & error, chemikals were introduced to this olfactorial alchemy.

The Phantom Band; man I've been into them since like October

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