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Brian Jonestown Massacre

We started in late 1990...we were young and full of Acid, E's and ideas. We played our first gig at a College Frat house in Berkeley and it fucking sucked. We played our second gig at an African American Masonic Hall on Haight st. and it was FUCKING ACE!!! After that, we broke up and got back together again when we got a letter from Bomp Records saying "We want to put your record out" (this happening after Greg Shaw read a bad review of our demo's!!!) Then we got the support slot for Sonic Boom's Spectrum and we met Naut Humon from Asphodel Records who soon became Executive Producer of our first album project. Several singles, albums, EP's, countless tours, inevitable line-up changes and a documentary followed. The band's profile being raised considerably by the film (for better, or for worse) created a demand for an Anthology and has allowed the band to tour the world regularly...

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