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Hello friends. Many days havepassed since we saw you last. It’s been a couple years since we released anymusic, and it’s been months since we last performed live. The time passed hasbrought progression, changes, hope and joy. We are pleased to announce that ournew album entitled Antiphon will be released this fall. We are beyond excitedto share this new record with everyone. Since the departure of Tim Smith fromMidlake in November of last year, we’ve worked days and nights in the studio towrite and record this album. We’ve pushed ourselves and challenged ourselvesand feel that Antiphon represents an ultimate genesis both musically andspiritually.

We have so many greatannouncements and plans developing but more than anything, we are excited to performthese new songs along with our past favourites live for you. We look forward toseeing some of you in August and if we miss you then, we will see you in themonths following. There are several tour dates brewing stateside and overseasso please check in frequently on this page as the updates will be coming often.Onward!

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