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Alabama 3

"The best live band in the country" The Guardian

"This is the first band I could ever dance to in the daytime hours without chemical assistance...and that says a lot" Irvine Welsh

“They swing like the devil’s own dick. Alabama 3 beat a righteous drum and party like bastards.” Time Out

“If anyone thinks that politics and religion aren’t suitable subjects for rock ‘n’ roll they should check out Alabama 3” The Times

“The thought of not having Alabama 3 fills me with horror” Stephen King

2013 finds Alabama 3 in a sombre and reflective mood as they announce their next UK tour in December 2013, the week after James Gandolfini has died. Woke Up This Morning is inseparable from The Sopranos as it grew into the nation’s consciousness and hearts along with the series.

As Bob Lefetz observes: “I was immediately struck by Woke Up This Morning. And when I heard it at the beginning of The Sopranos... It's the one intro I never fast-forwarded through, it was a prelude to my Sunday night ritual.”

Never standing still the Alabama 3 will take new and old material and their “let’s have a party” and celebration spirit to their fans with their annual UK tour.

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