One Direction
Venue Map

The Stadium

How do I know which entrance to use at the stadium?
For seated ticket holders: If you have a seating ticket, you can enter the stadium from any direction.

For pitch standing ticket holders: Designated turnstiles have been identified to allow you the easiest and quickest access to your coloured quadrant on the pitch. Please refer to the venue map to choose the best direction to travel to for your colour.


What are the opening times of the Stadium on the day?
What time will the concert start?
The first act will be on stage around 6.30pm
What time will One Direction be on stage?
Approximately 8pm
What time will the show finish?
Approximately 10.15pm

The Concert

How will I get up to date information in the days leading up to the concert?
Please monitor this website and also follow us on Facebook & Twitter for up to date information and @gigscot Remember to use the hashtag #1DScotland in your tweets about the event.
Where will the stage be within the Stadium?
Please refer to the venue map to see the site layout. The main stage will be at the north end of the stadium with a B stage in the middle of the pitch.
I have a standing ticket, can I stand anywhere on the pitch?
The floor will be split into 4 quadrants. Customers will be allocated a wristband to access a particular zone. Zone allocation will be at the time of ticket purchase and the zone colours are on the maps listed on map section of this website.
My circumstances have changed since I purchased my ticket and I am now pregnant, what should I do?
Whilst agents may try to exchange your ticket for a seated area, please note this may not be possible if all reserved seating has sold out. Please contact the venue prior to arriving to find out if there are seats still available and if it's possible to relocate. We cannot give you access to any disabled area as this is only for registered disabled customers.
Where can I drop off and pick up my child from?
Please note that there will be no designated parking at the stadium and road closures will be in place from early in the day. A designated MEETING POINT has been identified within Roseburn Park adjacent to the north-east corner of the stadium where parents will be able to walk to meet their child. This area will be lit and will also have flagpoles in this area which will be labelled by surname initial (A-C, D-F, G-I, etc) to make it easier to find your child on the night. Please refer to the venue map for exact location. Please note that thousands of parents may have dropped off their children at a point they think is suitable to collect from later on. So imagine your horror when you see over 500 cars causing gridlock at the point you want to get to. Therefore we would advise you to use the areas listed on the venue plans we have supplied showing an area where you can collect your children on foot and then simply walk back to wherever you have parked your car.
Will my child be safe on his/her own?
In the reserved seats any child aged 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult over 18. On the standing pitch anyone aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult over 18. The stadiums will employ recognised stewarding companies who have had special briefings for the nature of the audience attending this concert. The stadium will also have an additional Police presence and child support teams from the local authorities.
Who is the support act for One Direction?
The special guest will be 5 Seconds of Summer.
Can I take photographs at the concert?
Yes, small digital cameras are permitted. Please note that any camera with a long or detachable lens will be classified as a professional camera and these are not permitted. Please do not take Ipads into the venue, people using these to take photographs severely block the views of other fans. Video cameras are also prohibited. Please see terms and conditions when purchasing your tickets.
Can I take posters/banners to the concert?
Flag poles or sticks for banners are prohibited. Whilst banners themselves are not prohibited, please always be aware of other customers as potentially you may be blocking their view.


With the concert taking place on a normal working day for the city, it is anticipated the road traffic network around the stadium will be busy, as will public transport - so to help your journey run smoothly it's worth planning ahead and leaving extra time to travel.

Bus Travel - Bus Services will be strengthened to increase passenger capacity to the north and south of the stadium to cater for the additional passengers at the end of the concert. Detailed maps showing where to catch buses after the concert will be available on the week prior to the concert

Tram Travel – Edinburgh Tram will be operating a full service from Murrayfield Stadium tram stop to the city centre and also to Ingliston Park & Ride and Edinburgh Airport both before and after the concert.

Park & Ride - Edinburgh’s Park & Ride sites at Ingliston and Hermiston are both conveniently located for Murrayfield. From Ingliston a frequent Tram service will be provided to Murrayfield Stadium, in addition bus service X12 will also operate to Murrayfield Stadium. From Hermiston Park & Ride additional service X25 will operate to Murrayfield and regular bus service 25 will take you to Gorgie Road (a short walk to Murrayfield). Details of buses will be available on the week prior to the concert. With frequent bus and tram services both of these Park & Ride sites are great venues to drop off/pick up your friends or relatives.

Coach Travel – Coach and mini bus parking is available in Russell Road and McLeod Street. Please note there is a low over bridge in Russell Road which double decker coaches will not be able to pass under. Please follow steward's instructions when parking at these locations. Coaches should not be parked in any other streets around the stadium.

Travel by foot – Roads will, in the main, remain open to traffic at all times and as such we would ask you to take care when leaving the stadium and keep to the footpaths.

Rail Travel – Scotrail
We'll run longer trains on many Haymarket routes before and after the event
There'll also be an enhanced service on key routes in the evening to help get you home, if travelling by train make your way without delay to Haymarket after the concert.
With 50,000 fans expected at the gig, trains and stations will be busy so it's worth buying your rail ticket in advance.
Consider aiming to arrive at Murrayfield when doors open at 4pm, to avoid the busiest travel times. Remember, many commuters will be travelling home from about 4 to 6pm.
Queuing systems may be in place at key stations, where staff will help safely guide you to your next available train.
Please follow instructions of the additional customer service staff we'll have on the ground. They're there to help your day run smoothly.

Car Travel – It should be noted there is no parking provision for private vehicles within the grounds of Murrayfield Stadium. Several streets in the immediate environs of the stadium will be subject to parking restrictions to ensure the free flow of traffic in and around the stadium. On-street parking will as a result be very limited and we would advise that if you have to travel by car that you park a sensible walking distance from the stadium.

Drop Off/Pick Up – Please note Roseburn Street to the west of the stadium will be closed for the majority of the day. You will not be able to drop off or pick up passengers from this street. Similarly, waiting restrictions will be in place on the A8 Corstorphine Road preventing vehicles from stopping to ensure the free flow of traffic on this main traffic corridor. If you have to drop off and pick up passengers then please arrange a suitable meeting point outside parking restrictions (detailed on the plan below), as congested roads around the stadium may prevent access to agreed locations closer to the stadium. Please allow yourself sufficient time for this to avoid being late on arrival. The Park & Ride sites at Ingliston and Hermiston are great venues to drop off/pick up your friends or relatives.

Full details of all the road closures and parking restrictions can be found on the plan below.


Age Restrictions

Are there any age restrictions?
This was clearly stated at the point of purchase to ensure customers were aware of the areas of the stadium that would have age restrictions (such as standing).Any age can attend. However in the reserved seats anyone 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult over 18. On the standing pitch anyone 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult over 18. Under 12s will not be allowed on the pitch. Generally we would advise against bringing children aged 5 or under to a large scale concert such as this. Please note that the stadium will provide a "1D Young Person's Contact Wristband” for all young people. This wristband will allow you to write a contact number for a guardian and also the seat details in case the child becomes lost within the stadium. Please speak to a steward on your way into the stadium to ensure you collect your wristband.
How many children under 16 can I accompany?
One adult over 18 can accompany up to 7 children, however this is a matter you should pay careful attention to, depending on the age and needs of the children involved.

My Ticket

Where should I enter the stadium if I have a seating ticket?
Seating customers can access the stadium via any turnstile.
Where should I enter the stadium if I have a pitch standing ticket?
BLUE – via turnstiles located to the East of the stadium off Roseburn Terrace next to the Ticket Office
RED – via turnstiles located to the North of the stadium off Roseburn Park
YELLOW – via turnstiles located to the South of the stadium off Roseburn Street
GREEN – via turnstiles located to the South of the stadium off Roseburn Street
I have a one of the following tickets:
Early Bird
Best Seat in the house
Hospitality Gold
Hospitality Party Package
How do I know where to go and when?
All customers who have purchased one of the above tickets will be emailed separately with full instructions of what to do on the day.
Are there any tickets left to purchase?
Tickets are often released from production holds leading up to the concert and even sometimes on the day of the concert. Concerts of this magnitude have to hold back tickets for potential production issues and this is what may be released. We would always advise that you check with one of the authorised ticket agents. (Gigs In Scotland, Ticketmaster and Gigs & Tours).
How much are the tickets?
Costs below are subject to a booking fee, and include a 50p donation to the band’s charity Stand Up To Cancer
LEVEL 1 SEATS £48.00
LEVEL 2 SEATS £65.00
LEVEL 3 SEATS £43.00
VIP Experience:
GOLD PACKAGE £239 (with alcohol) £215 (without alcohol) - (LEVEL 2 SEAT)
Is there a booking fee?
Yes, all booking fees will be clearly displayed on the agent's website before you purchase a ticket.
How many tickets can I buy?
8 per person.
Can I buy a hospitality package or VIP experience for the concert?
Yes, these are available via the venue’s own website.
I've seen tickets advertised on other sites - can I still order from there?
We would strongly advise against using any sites other than those listed on our adverts and websites. These are the only sites we can guarantee have 100% genuine tickets. Consider the notes below before purchasing your tickets:
1. Only buy from the outlets listed above.
2. Find out the face value of the tickets and how much you are paying in booking fees.
3. Find out the location of your seats.


If I am a disabled person what is the best way for me to make a booking?
If you did not register as a disabled access customer at the time of booking, please contact the venue for details of how to request access to the disabled facilities. Please note that you will be asked for proof of disability within 7 days of the booking. If this is not provided, the booking will be released.
I am a wheelchair user and would like to attend. Will there be a designated area for wheelchair users at the concert?
Yes, all venues will have a designated Wheelchair Viewing area and accessible facilities for your use. To gain access to this platform YOU MUST register in advance at the point of sale or through the venue.
My circumstances have changed since I purchased my ticket and I am now a wheelchair user. What should I do?
Please contact the venue. Please note that there is a fixed capacity for the Wheelchair areas and there is nothing we can do if this has sold out. The Wheelchair platforms are for registered disabled only, we cannot accommodate anybody on these platforms who has a broken leg etc.

Stadium Facilities

Will I be able to purchase food and drink in the stadium during the concert?
Yes, there will be a wide range of food and beverages available to buy. Alcohol will be available at some bars for adults aged 18 and over to buy, however you will be required to provide photo identification as proof of age. Anybody who does no look over the age of 25 will be challenged for ID.
Can I purchase official One Direction merchandise at the concert?
Yes, there will be a number of merchandise outlets located around and inside the venue. We would advise against purchasing any unofficial merchandise from bootleggers, this includes rogue traders selling flashing lights etc from routes leading up to the stadium. Merchandise will also be on sale after the show at official sites outside the stadium.
Can I bring my own food and drinks into the Stadium?
No. If any customers suffer from a condition that may require specific dietary requirements, please contact the venue prior to arrival to ensure there are no problems bringing those products in as otherwise they will be confiscated on entry.
Will there be drinking water available?
Yes, drinking water fountains will be available at various points around the stadium. Stewards will advise you where these are located. Drinking water will also be available for purchase fromvarious catering and bar units in within the venue.
What if I or one of my guests feel unwell or have an accident?
The stadium will have trained medical staff on duty, please approach a steward who will direct you to the nearest first aid/medic point
Is the stadium a non-smoking venue?
Yes, smoking is not permitted at any venue
My child has an illness, will there be facilities to keep his/her medicine?
No, this would need to be kept on the person at all times.
Where are the First aid areas?
There will be a First Aid area located on every level of the stadium (including the pitch). These will be clearly signposted and all stewards will be able to direct patrons to the nearest medical staff.
Will I be able to access a cash machine once I am inside the event?
A. No, there are no cash machines inside the stadium and bars and catering units will only accept cash.


Is there somewhere I can charge my phone?
No and remember you may need your phone at the end of the night to contact whoever is picking you up. So try and charge your phone before you leave and remember to use it sparingly on that day.
What will the weather be like?
Please check the weather forecast before you leave and dress accordingly with appropriate footwear. The concerts are in an outdoor stadium and therefore you may get wet or if we have a great summer, make sure you have sun screen and keep hydrated.
What happens if it rains, can I bring an umbrella?
Unfortunately, umbrellas are on the prohibited items list so are not permitted in the stadium. In the event of adverse weather conditions we would advise bringing a rain mac or disposable rain coat.
Will there be any facility for me/my child to queue early at the venue?
Appropriate facilities will be provided for those arriving early. Overnight queuing is not permitted at the venue for security and welfare reasons.
Is there anything else I cannot take into the stadium?
The Prohibited Items are:
Any article that might be used as a weapon, any person deemed to be offensive or abusive, or who may compromise public safety, will be reported to the police.Flag poles and flares. Bottles, glass vessels, cans, flasks. Frisbees and similar items, dangerous orhazardous items, illegal substances, scooters, skateboards or other skates. Laser devices, prams / push chairs, inflatable and folding chairs, professional cameras & recording devices (This applies to cameras that have interchangeable lenses), large suitcases, lap tops, illegal merchandise items, umbrellas, hampers and cold boxes, air horns, alcohol and animals (except service dogs & guide dogs).